World's smallest 4k screen unveiled

While Sony and LG have recently announced gigantic 84 inch 4k TVs, one manufacturer has revealed its plans for releasing a 9.6 inch 4k screen.

4k, also beginning to be known as UltraHD, is so named after its enormous resolution 3840×2160 resolution. So far, manufacturers have strongly veered towards the larger end of the spectrum, and manufactures are charging equally large prices for the nascent technology.  

Both Sony and LG Display have announced 84 inch TVs using the technology, and both come with price tags that break right through the $20,000 mark. Panel manufacturer AUO has also announced it will be bringing out 65 inch and 55 inch panels. 

But Japanese manufacturer Ortus Technology  has taken a different approach, producing a 9.6 inch screen, though they will not be made for consumer electronics.

At 458 pixels per inch (ppi) it is way ahead of the likes of Apple’s Retina Display, with the iPhone 5 reaching 326 ppi, though the manufacturers note that such resolutions “exceed [the] discrimination limit of human eyes”.  However, the viewing angle is lower than an iPad, with the 4k TV device managing 160 degrees compared to Apple’s 178.

The screens, which are ready to ship in November, are not targeted at mainstream use.

According to the manufacturers, the screens are more likely to be used in applications such as professional video equipment or medical equipment, where such resolutions are either a strict requirement or highly beneficial. This could mean, for example, use as a 4k TV camera monitor screen.