World inundated by flat panel TVs

An extraordinary 261.8 million flat panel TVs shipped in 2010, according to figures from Displaybank.  

That represents 31 percent growth compared to the previous year, although the flood will abate somewhat this year, with only a paltry 230 million shipping in 2011, the research company said.

Korean companies Samsung and LG Electronics were numbers one and two in the market, with Sony the third in the TV pecking order.

The growth was driven by shorter TV replacement cycles, a decrease in pricing, a growth in the number of TVs per houshold, government support policies such as China’s electronics subsidy programme, and the relentless move towards digital broadcasting.

Jusy Hong, a senior analyst at Displaybank, said that in 2011, sales will move from developed countries to emerging market. The flat panel market will represent a 13 percent year on year growth and out of the 233.08 million units shipping, LCD will represent 215.38 million units, with PDP TV declining three percent to 17.7 million units. The following chart shows vendor market share – pie chart courtesy of Displaybank.