Woman from AMD states 10 "universal truths" about PCs

Senior AMD female executive Leslie Sobon has outlined what she thinks women think about their PCs.

In the course of doing so, she outlines what she describes as “10 universal truths about women and their personal computers”.

It’s her inaugural bog entry and we will condense down her 10 truths so that you can see what she believes for yourself.

1. Women like money and hate jargon
2. Women don’t like black PCs
3. Women don’t like buying a PC – but see 10, below
4. Women want beauty, entertainment and efficient time management
5. Women can hit a curve ball
6. Women listen to their friends.
7. Women hate stickers on their PCs
8. Women hate Microsoft because PCs should be easy to use
9. Women are not special
10. Women bought two thirds of PCs in the USA in 2009. Not necessarily black ones (see two, above).

The 10 Commandments of Leslie Sobon are here.  At Computex, in Taipei in June, Ms Sobon announced the launch of Vision Black (see number two, above).