Windows 7 tablet out soon

PC maker In Media has opened the kimono on a new Windows 7 tablet which will be hitting the shops early next year.

While all the hype about tablets has focused on keyboardless netbooks running cut down phone software, it seems that the In Media machine will be a full Windows 7 machine.

The product is powered by the 1.66GHZ Intel Atom processor and unlike most tablets comes with a comparitively large 160 GB hard drive of storage.

It will have an HDMI interface for viewing high definition content on the tablet or via the tablet to a large screen HD TV/ There is only one forward facing camera and an 11 1⁄4 by 6 inch LCD screen.

Obviously it comes with built in eReader functionality and Flash.

In Media C.E.O. Nick Karnik said that he wanted to launch a tablet that did everything and was not just a media player or eReader or net book.  It is strange that he choice Windows 7 to do it.

“The touch screen the Windows 7 Tablet PC had all the full functionality of a PC in an elegant and efficient tablet format and because of the operating system users are not limited to what type of video formats they can view as all are supported including the most popular, Flash,” he said.

The product is scheduled for shipment in Q1m 2011 and will roll out in Asia and the U.S. with at a suggested retail price of $399.  This price tag is compariable with many of the Android machines out there, which given what the beast can do, is a damn fine price.

There is a demo  video of the tablet below.