Wibble, wobble, blobo! Take a running jump at your PC

Some would say that PC gaming has seen better days, but NoLimitZZZ might have a product to revive its fortunes in a similar way that the Wii changed Nintendo’s fortunes. The blobo, a motion controller ball for the PC, is already winning the silly naming competition.  Containing a software suite very reminiscent of something we have seen before, it will have you running jumping and throwing until you’re fit or bored. But will this be the PC’s Project Natal or Playstation move? We have our doubts but don’t take our word for it –  bounce on over to @XSReviews

Next up we have another new peripheral – the Halo headphones in a headband – but Xbox players shouldn’t get too excited yet, as master chief is nowhere to be seen. This new concept does away with earbuds and bulky headphones and replaces them with a couple of speakers inlayed into a headband. Not likely to weight you down or fall off, these seem to be aimed at sporty types, although we’re not sure that putting electrical equipment in what is effectively a sweatband is the best of ideas. Re-live the eighties but this time with itunes @TweakTown

If you’re not in need of a motherboard upgrade but want to take advantage of the latest batch of USB 3.0 gadgets and gizmos, then the StarTech 2 port PCI Express card might be an acceptable middle ground. Providing you’ve got £20 and a spare PCI Express x1 slot available, this will give you a couple of extra high-speed ports.  Powered by the NEC chip likely to be used in most  high-end motherboards until the chipset players get their acts together, this card seems to deliver what it says on the tin. Transfer over to Elite Bastards for the full review.

Thermoelectric CPU (TEC) cooling may sound like something only the most hardcore of enthusiast would want to try, but CoolIT Freezone Elite v2 aims to dispel that image. TEC is only now starting to show promise when compared to normal water solutions, and with CoolIT’s latest revision they take another clear step forward.  If you’ve got $325 spare and want the most futuristic set-up then this might be the right option for you. Read more @Pure Overclock

The Cooler Master 690 II case looks to cater for the needs of most PC builders with good airflow, tool-less installation, plenty of space and mountings to allow for most water and air cooled set-ups. Perhaps the best feature is the price, coming in at a very reasonable $74.99. Hi Tech Legion liked it so much they couldn’t find a single con, check out the full review @Hi Tech Legion