Why is this man smiling?

Pictured here is Tim Handley, a marketing executive at Taiwanese mobo company Gigabyte.

He’s smiling because he’s managed to brand Gigabyte and its USB 3.0 on the side of many buses in Old Taipei, as well as bring the product to market effectively.

But sources close to Asustek in Taiwan tell us something more that Mr Handley has managed to do.

His company has started selling a full bell and whistles motherboard that retails at $700 – that’s US dollars – and demand for the product is so great that it can’t keep up with supply.

So what’s so great about this mobo – it’s made from platinum or something, right?

Wrong.  The mobo has four way SLI, four way Crossfire X, supports 3X USB power and is claimed to deliver up to 40 percent performance on/off charge, thanks to a custom Nvidia chipset on board.

No wonder he’s smiling. No one here in Old Taipei can remember when anyone was able to charge that much for a mobo. Asustek is livid, livid.

It is kind of a marketing coup. There obviously  still are real enthusiasts out there. This is a four way graphics board with Fermi in there as well.  No Apple though. None. We’re sure it’s worth every penny, but unheard of in the 21st century.