Western Digital's head almost above water post Thai floods

After many weeks of doom and gloom there was a glimmer of hope for the hard drive industry plagued by the flooding in Thailand.

Two of the biggest players have signalled that they are ahead of schedule with factory clean-ups and have raised their revenue forecasts accordingly.

Western Digital reckons its revenues will hit $1.8 billion in December, up from between $1.05 billion and $1.25 billion back in October.  Seagate indicated that it too had been recovering from the floods.

If their assurances are correct then this is no mean feat – as last time we checked factories were variously underwater or besieged by crocodiles and cobras

Now, work has started in one of the buildings which until very recently was under six feet of water, according to a statement released by WD.

Of course, Western Digital CEO John Coyle did note that “much work remains to be done”, and he’s not wrong there.  Western Digital will have to take a hit to the tune of between $225 and 275 million for the floods, and the global supply chain is in tatters.

Workers may have done a good job of pumping water out of some of the factories, but HDD prices have got UK distributors in a flutter, and the knock-on effect means that notebooks are likely to see price increases for some time to come.

In fact, while Seagate claims that it has recovered quickest from the floods, it has recently highlighted the dire straits the industry is likely to be in for many more months to come.