Western Digital strangely unworried by SSDs

Western Digital reckons that the hype around Ultrabooks is unlikely to hurt its HDD business any time soon.

According to Danny Mauerhofer, head of communications for EMEA & India, Western Digital is not expecting a big challenge from the increasing popularity of SSDs.

Despite claims that SSDs are edging their way into becoming a truly mainstream product, Mauerhofer reckons that they are “not complete” just yet, and unlikely to challenge in either the consumer or business space.

Mauerhofer believes that there’s little to show that HDDs will take a battering, even with cloud computing on the increase there is a clear need for large amounts of storage with strong demand from datacentres, but even in consumer devices there is little to show that HDDs will take a battering he reckons.

Mauerhofer says that in the halls of CeBit, hype has surrounded netbooks in years gone by with claims at the time that they would use flash drives by the bucket load.  This hasn’t transpired and Western Digital does not appear to be overly concerned about a new wave of mobile devices which are heralded as helping bring SSDs to the masses.

Even if the Ultrabook performs well, Western Digital does not believe that many devices will feature HDDs, and the format is still in its infancy, he says.

Large costs for building factories are also a problem, WD said to us.

Western Digital is obviously not shying away from HDD production.  The firm is about to announce the final details of its $4.5 billion deal to take over Hitachi.

The deal has been pushed back, with Mauerhofer telling us that the regulatory frame work has been very “time consuming”.  He remained tight lipped on further details regarding the deal, with more info on its way with an announcement soon.