Welcome to TechEye!

We hope you like TechEye, which launched at 11:15AM GMT, just when Mercury was hogging the midheaven. Not that you could see it anyway, it being midday. And being very small anyway.

TechEye is a magazine owned by JAM IT Media – that’s J(ames) Crowley, A(llan) Rutherford and M(ike) Magee.

James runs a developer site – developerfusion.com –  and is a whizz at technology and coding in general. Allan has worked in technology advertising for an impressive 14 years. I’m a grizzled hack that has been around since before the internet was a twinkle in the military’s eye.

We’ve an impressive team of journalists too – all striving to bring you straight news with a sense of humour, when that’s appropriate.

Hope you like the site, and that you stick around for the ride!