WebOS did better on an iPad

While HP has pulled the plug on WebOS development for tablets, it appears the OS was actually working quite well.

A group of HP hackers working on the TouchPad lifted the WebOS from its poorly performing HP Tablet and shoved it under the bonnet of a shiny Apple iPad. They found that the WebOS worked like a dream and the problems with the tablet was not poorly performing software.

According to the Next Web the team of developers also deployed webOS within the iPad’s Mobile Safari browser and got speedy results.

It would appear that the the weakness was caused by the fact that the TouchPad featured a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with A8 architecture, while the iPad 2 houses a dual-core A5 chip based on the faster Cortex-A9 architecture. When the WebOS software ran on the Apple hardware it went twice as fast.

Apparently there were a few words between the WebOS team and its HP overlords. The WebOS people were screaming at the makers of printer ink to give their OS some decent hardware.

The hardware reportedly stopped the team from innovating beyond certain points because it was too slow.

The reviews of the TouchPad backed this up with many complaining that the chip was too slow and there was not enough memory.

In the end HP gave up and announced the company would no longer be producing webOS hardware. It is possible that HP will use the software for something else, and might even try to license it.

If any hardware outfits out there want to give the WebOS a decent spec, they might clean up and embarrass HP even further.