We take a dekko at four pieces of Tat!

What an interesting bundle of stuff  we’ve got to look at for February Tat. First up the people at Urbanz have kindly sent us this Rock Star portable speaker for phones, mp3 players and other digital product that makes some kind of noise.

It looks like a a hopelessly depressed starfish about to finally give in to its suicidal inner monologue, probably down in the dumps because it’s got the corny “Rock Star” label permanently grafted to one of its legs.


You charge up the fellow via USB, and once you’re done you stick the supplied cable into whatever device you fancy. I plugged it into my HTC Hero and ran it with Spotify, I queued up some Jennifer Rush, my default testing artiste of choice, and set to work. URGH! This is horrible. The speaker is incredibly tinny and it’s impossible to hear the booming bassline of The Power of Love. There aren’t any EQ settings to tinker with at all so you’re guaranteed to get a crumby sound. My phone’s speaker ran it a lot better, and the speaker on my mp3 player (that’s a Creative Zen X-Fi) is even better. I suppose you get what you pay for. These cost a couple of bob.


These are from Urbanz too. You’ll immediately notice the horrible packaging. You could be forgiven for reading the letters on the front as “BOLLOCK.” These kitsch headphones cost about thirty quid and your dignity. While I’m keen to give everything a fair trial, I couldn’t bring myself to wear these in public, on the tube et al, so they have been tested indoors.

To be fair, the sound quality ain’t bad at all for the price. It sounded pretty okay in the one side that actually worked They just look so much like they fell out of a late 80s toy advert that you’d be hesitant to don them in front of anyone else, ever. Look at my sad face, look how it weeps:


The poor PR says I can keep them if I upload a photo of me wearing the kit to their website. Well, they can have this photo – they can have the headphones back, too.

Okay, this next thing is actually kind of useful. It’s called a POWER STRAP. Don’t let the mug on the box put you off, you don’t have to be a white Romford Kanye West to use it, nor do you have to wear it. That’s the idea though. It’s basically a watch strap with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery plonked in the middle.


You can wear it on your wrists, around your ankles, or theoretically somewhere far less savoury indeed. It’s supplied with 60% charge and comes with all the cables you could ever want for plugging in your iPod,iPhone, iPad or iWhatever. Digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, radio and etc etc are all supported.

I personally won’t be ever, ever, ever wearing it on my wrist. However, as a charger that’s light and fits easily into a pocket or laptop bag, it’s useful for charging your stuff on the move.

Finally let’s have a look at the Duncan Pulse. It’s a Yo Yo that flashes and lights up when you’re Yo Yo ing. I got back in touch with the lovely PR people because I was hoping to have a go at the Duncan MG, the “world’s most expensive Yo Yo” at 300 quid but they sent me this one which is worth a tenner instead. I don’t blame them, I would too.

Impenetrable plastic prison

After the ten hour epic battle to wrestle Duncan from his plastic prison I could finally have a go. Now, I used to be pretty damn good with Yo Yos, I’m not anymore, apparently. It’s pretty and it sparkles and you could do worse than give this as a present to a young’n.


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