Wanna buy a gun wielding robot?

Japanese researchers have built a $1.2 million gun-wielding robot that can be controlled from your smartphone.

Dubbed the KR01 Kuratas Battle Mech, or Kuratas, the Robocop was unveiled by Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Tokyo.

According to APthe diesel-powered machine is four metres tall and weighs a humble 4.5 tonnes. It can move on four wheels and manage 10 km/h with the wind behind it and if it is going downhill.

Its weapon of choice is a Gatling gun capable of firing 100 rounds a second of ball bearings. It is activated via facial tracking technology when the trigger happy pilot smiles.

The “pilot” controls it from their smartphone or tablet and it is connected to a 3G network.

The pilot can sit in the cockpit where motion sensor technology allows the pilot to move the torso, arms and hands via 30 hydraulic joints.

Needless to say the robot is bullet proof. It is a bot like the Mitsubishi MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform in James Cameron’s flick Avatar.

It can be programmed to perform such duties as firefighting and cleaning.

According to the company it comes in 16 different colours, and will be made to order, including a $90 optional cupholder in the cockpit.