Verizon and Google team up to launch iPad rival

While Britain is still accepting the news of the results of the general election, the tech world is waking up to interesting things too, and that’s the news that Verizon Wireless is working with Google on an iPad rival.

The US provider’s chief executive, Lowell McAdam confirmed the partnership yesterday explaining that the company is working with Google on producing the tablet after describing this technology in the WSJ as the next big wave of opportunity.

He said the company is in discussions with Google and the pair are currently looking at what Google had in its technology archives to make the tablet succeed.

Google has not yet issued any comment, apart from claiming that anyone can use its Android software to create phones and other devices and Verizon will not discuss anything else such as the manufacturer it will use, so details are sketchy to say the least

It’s fair to say that this venture could set the market alight in terms of competition.