Vendors get cold feet on Ultrabook

Just when Intel is gearing up for its Ultrabooks, vendors appear to be getting cold feet.

Reports from Taiwan highlight big names such as Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and Asustek which are not throwing themselves into the Ultrabook revolution with the gusto that Intel might have liked.

In fact, shipments will be limited to volumes of less than 50,000 units, says Digitimes’ notebook making sources.

There are some problems with consumer ultra low voltage (CULV) notebooks, and vendors are hesitant to put too much into production at this point.

Another major problem which keeps rearing its head is the pricing.  With a global economy once again teetering on the brink of calamity it seems that ploughing money into making devices costing consumers around the $1,000 mark is causing some concern. 

There are also concerns that the notebook market is not in for a great second half of 2011, and confidence is low throughout the industry.

Intel has been happy to subsidise a move to lower price tags, but fears remain over its ability to challenge Apple’s mobile computing on price.

Now it seems that Intel will make a renewed effort to push its Ultrabook form factor.  It has arranged a conference on the 14th September to persuade industry players to help resolve some problems with the technology and to get more on board.

If Intel is hoping to meet its target of filling 40 percent of the notebook market with Ultrabooks, it will need to get firms to stump up for a lot more than 50,000 shipments. 

So the pressure is on if Intel is to make a success of, what is regarded in some camps, as the last roll of the dice.