Vatican uses Latin in its ATMs

The Vatican bank is so in touch with its customers that its ATM machines use Latin.

Buried in an Italian television exposee on the Roman Catholic’s Churches links with organised crime and dubious businesses was an odd reference to the Vatican bank’s ATM machine “network”.

True there are not many ATM machines in the Vatican, but it appears they have a novel feature that prevents them being used by the majority of people. You put in your card and all the screen will show you  instructions in Latin.

When you have a look at the screen it tells you “Carus exspectatusque venisti” which is basically “You are welcome”.

The next screen says: “Submitted scidulam quaeso ut faciundam cognoscas rationem”. Which is translated “Please insert the card to access the operations permitted”.

The only modern thing about the translation is that it pays you in Euros instead of sesterces.