USB 3.0: The misery continues

Update Gigabyte confirmed Intel’s USB 3.0 chipset will be delayed until 2012. There’s no reason given. It claims to have shipped one million USB 3.0 boards already. Other USB 3.0 chips are coming on the market, cheaper than NEC’s.

There are some very unhappy vendors here in Old Taipei these days and it’s the chip giant Intel that they’re blaming.

A large number of the local manufacturers are launching USB3.0 peripherals in the halls of the Computex show but they have a bit of a problem.

The first problem is that there are only a few motherboards that support USB 3.0 – Asus has plenty, Gigabyte has quite a few, and so does Asrock.

But Intel is unlikely to release a chipset capable of supporting USB 3.0 until the end of this year, and that’s creating such frustration amongst some of the manufacturers that they’re contemplating taking matters into their own hands and attempt to put together some kind of standard that will cover most eventualities.

If, for example, you’re the maker of a case you need to be in a position to be sure just where the gubbins in the case is going to go and what it’s going to do.

The uncertainty has one certainty to it at least. It’s going to cost quite a few peripheral and case makers a lot of grief which translates, here in Old Taipei, to money.