USB 3.0 comes into its own – despite early SNAFUs

Despite the best attempts of an incompetent but not malevolent Intel to somehow delay its adoption, the use of Superspeed USB is set to rocket this year.

That’s according to market researchers at In-Stat. They forecast that shipments of gizmos using USB 3.0 will be close to 80 million this year. AMD is driving the market, says In-Stat, by releasing chipsets that integrate USB 3.0 into core logic chipsets.

Intel is trailing but is expected to integrate USB 3.0 into its Ivy Bridge chipset next year.

But it’s mobile phones that are really setting the trend, according to Brian O’Rourke, research director at In-Stat. He said that USB was built into 1.2 billion mobile phones last year, and the USB 3.0 version dominated.

There’s a socket change agead, said O’Rourke. That’s set to come in late 2013 and displace the current micro USB port built into your smartphone.

In-Stat points out that building core logic chipsets using USB 3.0 is very important to general adoption. “It allows notoriously cost-conscious PC OEMs to offer it for free,” said O’Rourke.