USB 3.0 chip prices set to drop through the floor

The price of USB 3.0 chips, which has militated against the fast adoption of the standard, is set to fall dramatically later this year.

So reports Digitimes, which claims that the next generation NEC USB 3.0 chip, out in the fourth quarter, will be less than $2.

NEC faces stiff competition for rival USB 3.0 chips from companies including Via, Fresco Logic and Asmedia, the wire reports.

Competitors to NEC still need to get their chips certified by the USB-IF, the wire notes.

Earlier this year, a number of vendors in Old Taipei hit out against chip giant Intel for delaying a USB 3.0 chipset until 2012. Gigabyte, Asus and Asrock have been shipping USB 3.0 compatible motherboards for some months now.

Vendors are suspicious that rather than put its weight behind USB 3.0, Intel will push its “Light Peak” technology, which streams data at a minimum of 10GB/sec.

But Intel denies it has any such intentions, instead insisting that Light Peak is a complementary and not a competing technology.

The Digitimes report is here.