US wants to make jailbreaking illegal again

Jailbreaking phones might earn you some real jail time in the glorious corporate ruled United States.

In 2010, the United Stated government approved few exemptions in a federal law which made jailbreaking/rooting of electronic devices legal. Every three years the exemptions have to be renewed by the Library of Congress to make sure that the jailbreaks don’t infringe any copyrighted material.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is looking to get the exemptions renewed and has filed a petition which aims at government to declare jailbreaking legal once again.

However because technology has moved on a bit since 2010, the EFF wants to change the original ruling to include tablet devices.

But making jailbreaking legal caught the likes of Apple, who love keeping its customers locked in  on the hop. The industry had time to bribe, er, lobby its tame senators to stop it happening and this time we doubt they will make the same mistake.

The EFF is fairly convinced it will have a rough ride and is asking people to send comments into the Copyright Office to support it.