Ultrabook doing better than Dell expected

Tin box shifter Dell has been a little surprised by the new ultra-thin laptop computer which is apparently doing much better than the company expected.

Sales of the XPS 13 Ultrabook, which hit store shelves on 28 February, are now more than double the company’s internal forecast.

According to Reuters, the demand is coming from both consumers and big corporations.

Dell product marketing director Alison Gardner said the XPS 13 has exceeded all Dell’s expectations.

The news will be of interest to Intel which thought that the price of the XPS 13, which starts at $999, was too high.

More than half the sales were to big business, but then again half of Dell’s profits come from enterprises.

She did not give out any numbers, but said that she was seeing a lot of sales momentum for the super-thin category of laptops.

Intel is providing support by kicking off its biggest marketing push since 2003 and has been running a “A New Era in Computing” campaign since April.

Prices on Ultrabooks is expected to drop soon and the format will get a kick when improved Ivy Bridge chips find their way into the machines – and Windows 8 launches this year.