Tyan signs up for Xeon E5-2600

Server maker Tyan has released eight platforms based on the Intel Xeon E5-2600 processor.

Chipzilla is touting the E5-2600 as offering high peak performance along with better power efficiency for HPC/GPU and general servers.

Tyan said that its E5-2600 product of family-based platforms help users build systems that both increase IT capacity and reduce the total IT cost of ownership.

The gear includes five motherboards, three barebones systems and two turtle doves which are supposed to fit into any server arrangement from SMES to mission-critical virtualisation or GPGPU.

TYAN motherboards have catchy titles such as the S7050, S7055, or S7056, and barebones servers such as the GN70-B7056, FT48-B7055 and FT77-B7059. If users need memory intensive applications such as virtualisation, Tyan had developed the S7052 motherboard with 24 DIMM slots.

Albert Mu, Vice President of MiTAC International Corporation’s TYAN Business Unit said that it was worthwhile being a reliable Intel partner. “By using Intel’s latest chips, Tyan’s customers have a broad range of options that allow them to deploy a flexible and intelligent IT environment,” he claimed in a statement.

The gear can find its way into the Data Centre and High Performance Computing markets. Tyan is selling three dual-socket motherboards and two 4U systems.

The FT77-B7059 barebones server features support for two Xeon processors, eight PCI-E x16 G3 slots with support for up to eight GPU cards and a QDR Infiniband in a 4U system.

The FT48-B7055 barebones server supports two Xeons, four PCI-E x16 G3 slots, two 10GbE ports and a GbE ports inside a 4U chassis.

For those who want an entry level GPU application, the GN70-B7056 barebones has two Xeon processors, two PCI-E x16 G3 slots, two 10G GbE ports and a GbE port.

Mu claims it is one of the most cost-effective GPU bits of kit on the market.