Two Brain Willetts proclaims progress of Edinburgh supercomputers

The University of Edinburgh said the next stage of supercomputers for UK scientists and researchers is ready to roll and rock.

The computers, dubbed Hector and Bluegene Q, are based at Edinburgh Uni’s advanced computing facility and David “Two Brain” Willetts announced the move this afternoon. He is called “Two Brain Willetts” because he is so brainy, but the supercomputers at Edinburgh can transact 250,000 calculations a second, something which is possibly beyond his abilities.

The computers are funded by four research councils in the fields of engineering and physical sciences, science and technology, environment, and biological sciences.

Hector and Bluegene can each manage 800 Teraflops. Hector has a 90 Terabyte memory and a Petabyte of disk space.

Bluegene, an IBM box, is the most energy efficient supercomputer ever, it’s claimed. Hector is a Cray system.