TweakTown's Week in Review: Top Picks

Reflecting on the technological happenings over at TweakTown for this week, in usual fashion we kicked things off with our movie buff Ben checking out the Blu-ray release of Limitless.

All of us have goals in life. Some we meet, some we don’t. So what stops us from reaching the goals that we fall short on? Poor memory? Patience? Concentration? Intelligence? But what if there was a drug that could overcome all of these? That’s the premise of Limitless, one of the smartest and intriguing thrillers released for some time.

Shifting focus quickly onto something that will give the most die hard enthusiasts out there the tingles, our VGA specialist Shane Baxtor fired up the mighty ASUS MARS II for a second round of action, following our prior week’s full review of the ROG behemoth.

This time he puts the dual GTX 580 monster into overdrive by taking its clock speeds north manually and re-running our extended array of benchmarking tests. If you’re seeking the ultimate in graphics power, you should be all over this one.

Looking to build a high powered, yet compact rig for LAN/HTPC/other reasons? – The Mini ITX motherboard format has matured wonderfully and these days companies are finding ways to cram a great deal of power and features into this highly condensed format.

We looked at an offering from ASUS this week in the P8H67-I which allows for Sandy Bridge power via the H67 chipset and a full x16 (electrical) PCI-E slot for non crippled VGA grunt via your discrete card of choice.

With the highlight of the week being the almighty presence of ASUS’ space aged MARS II dual GTX 580 monster in the labs, we wanted yet another reason to put this star of the show (or is that, the cosmos in this case?) back in the limelight.

What better way to push it to the edge than with some super high resolution, triple monitor NVIDIA Surround action using three Dell U2410s @ 1920 x 1200 each (giving a combined gaming resolution of 3600 x 1920). You can see how (well) the card handled that mighty task on its own under numorous intensive benchmarking tests here.

And that about wraps up the major happenings from our neck of the woods for this week. Until next, adios folks!