TV sales drop in Q3

European TV sales fell by 8.6 percent to 16.4 million in the third quarter of 2010.

That’s according to Meko’s latest DisplayCast report, which also found that flat panel sell-in
quantity was down quarterly to 15.3 million TV sets. TV shipments were up to 24 percent of volume sales from 19 percent in quarter two.

Goksen Sertler, senior analyst for the TV market at Meko, told TechEye that the drop in sales were due to the World Cup. “People bought their TVs in Q2 in anticipation for the World Cup. This accelerated sales in this quarter but also caused a lack of spending in Q3 because people had already bought their TV sets the previous quarter.”

However, it’s not all bad news with the research finding that the EMEA TV market increased by 2.15 percent over the same quarter last year, while flat panel shipments of LCD and PDP TVs rose by 6.1 percent.

Ms Sertler also told TechEye that Western Europe would see an increase in sales next year, despite this quarter being a bad one for Spain, France, the UK and Italy.

TV sell-in shipments to Spain were down by 40 percent quarter on quarter.

She said the fall was predictable: “In the first quarter, sell-in to Spain was pushed up because of digital switch over. In the second quarter, World Cup promotions kept the demand strong. After two consecutive strong quarters, it was no surprise to see very weak sell-in”.

She added, “Our regular inventory tracking data showed us that there was a lot of inventory in the market already at the beginning of Q3. Set and panel makers are keen to sell the more expensive sets with LED backlights, but there is some consumer resistance to current pricing levels.”

TV brand ranking was the same as in the previous quarter with Samsung, LG and Sony coming in as the top three positions followed by Philips and Panasonic.