TV flat screens will be flat screams in the fourth quarter

Research firm Displaysearch said the TFT LCD industry has too much inventory to shift but prices somewhat rebounded in the second quarter, while it’s expected growth in Q3 will be seven percent, year on year.

The bad news is that Q4, usually a solid period for the IT industry in general, will be flat as a pancake for the large area TFT LCD market.

David Hsieh, vice president of Displaysearch, said: “Stagnant economic conditions and low consumer confidence continue to exert a drag on demand, especially for IT products and TVs. Panel makers did not achieve their goal of growing Q2 2011 shipments 18 percent quarter and quarter, and slow demand is eroding panel prices in Q3.”

That’s leading to panel prices becoming easier to negotiate because of this weakening damand, and the panel manufacturers will cut capacity in the second half of this year.

Hsieh said: “This is abnormal for second half shipment targets, which typically aim for strong growth”.

But while LCD TV panels are going through some difficulties, panels for tablet PCs had 88 percent growth quarter on quarter, and a staggering 386 percent growth year on year.

This is how Displaysearch breaks out the applications:
TFT share Q2 2011