TSA steals electronics

In the interests of protecting flights from terrorists,  it seems that members of US airport security have been pocketing and selling on confiscated electronics gear.

Not content with flogging naked snaps of famous people, or copping a feel of porn stars, it seems that one or two TSA staff have been using their powers to take people’s electronics.

According to Digital Trends, the situation has been highlighted by the arrest in Terminal One of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent Nelson Santiago-Serrano.

An employee of Continental watched Santiago-Serrano take an iPad out of a piece of luggage and stuff the Apple device into his pants

Santiago-Serrano was taken into custody and he admitted that he had a bit of a racket going, having stolen $50,000 dollars worth of electronics including computers, video cameras, GPS units and other stuff.

After the kit was pinched, he listed it online and sold it before his shift ended. He worked for the TSA for 30 months and has now been fired and arrested.

It is not the first time that a TSA agent was arrested for nicking stuff.

Paul Yashou stole $30,000 of property in his nine years as a TSA agent. TSA agents Karla Morgan and Dawn Nikole Keka were arrested for stealing money from luggage planted by authorities in a sting operation.

A similar sting operation nailed Persad Coumar and Davon Webb for stealing money from bags. Coumar and Webb nicked $160,000 in property while working at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Lately the TSA has pointed out that it is worried terrorists will sew bombs into their bodies and it needs stronger equipment to scan for this unlikely possibility. At this rate, we are worried the TSA will start selling kidneys it “found” during such a search.