Travellers lose gadgets overboard

Throwing away gadgets is literally a drop in the ocean for some, with research claiming that around 16.5 million worth of tech products are lost overboard by cruisers every year.

In the survey of 1,151 travellers, cruise travel agent found that over a tenth of cruisers dropped technology products overboard when on a cruise holiday last year, with the average value of each product costing £89.46.
Mobile phones accounted to 41 percent of gadgets lost at sea, while 38 percent were digital and video cameras. It wasn’t sweet music for the 32 percent that lost an  MP3 player, and it wasn’t happy reading for the 29 percent who lost their Kindle.

A further 26 percent faced game over with their consoles making a new home in the sea bed.

Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager of, said the research was “interesting”.

“Leaning over the deck to take a picture of the sunset can seem like a great idea- but it’s very easy to accidentally have your camera fall from your hand,” she said.

 People are recommended to check their insurance policies cover accidents such as these.