TP-LINK announces "fastest" wireless router

Network equipment manufacturer TP-LINK has announced what it claims is the fastest wireless broadband router in the world.

The TL-WR2843ND is capable of speeds up to 450Mb/s as well as simultaneous dual-band transmission. The speeds are up 50 percent faster than standard wireless 802.11N routers, which usually only offer top speeds of up to 300MB/s. The new router also promises a 60 percent increase in range over older models.

TP-LINK claims that not only is this the fastest router on the market, but it will allow people to use their wireless connections without seeing a drop in connectivity at all, which has sometimes been a problem for wireless routers in the past. 

This interference protection comes from the simultaneous dual-band feature, which offers both the 2.4GHz band which several other household electronics work on and the new 5GHz band, providing additional defence against interference. 

It also means you can use the two different bands for different things, with an example cited using one band for browsing the net and the other for downloading files.

Additional features include a Wi-Fi Protected Setup Button for easily adding new devices to the network and a USB Share Port, which allows an external hard drive or similar device to connect directly to the router and offer the entire network access to files stored there.

The router will be available in May for £84.99 ($135).