Touchscreen panel demand continues to increase

Demand for touch panels is set to increase in the fourth quarter of 2010, with growing demand from Apple and other vendors leading to a continued short supply.

TPK Touch Solutions and Wintek are expected to benefit substantially from this demand with both firms predicted to report record revenues in November, Wintek expecting to land net profits in the region of $65 million.

According to Digitimes, Wintek has declined to comment on market estimates, but has apparently indicated monthly revenues have reached $264 million. Wintek also said that current capacity and supply is tight though client demand remains strong, with a lot of production lines relying on the cooperation of upstream suppliers to keep running smoothly.

Smaller brands are also now beginning to see significant growth, particularly with regards to handset products. Orders from other branded vendors are also increasing but not at the same pace as lager clients.

In addition to the largest clients, orders from other branded vendors are seeing significant growth, mainly for handset products. Orders for tablet PC products from other branded vendors are also increasing but not as significantly as the largest clients.

It has also been noted that, while Wintek usually focuses on touch panels for mobile handsets and tablet PCs, there are rumours that Wintek has landed orders from Sony for DSC touch panels, shipments of which are generally very small.  Wintek declined comment on these rumours.

Wintek also noted that it has started mass production of small and medium-sized models of its Touch on Lens products, combining a touch panel and cover glass.  Shipments of the products are not currently significant in terms of overall shipping figures, though market sources are apparently optimistic for demand.