TouchPad chassis still mysteriously cracking

HP, the company which most recently hadn’t a clue what it was doing or where it was going, is maintaining a kind of hush about a design fault with its quickly-flogged bargain bucket TouchPads.

The WebOS devices were offered on the cheap to punters as the rumours flew about HP shutting down its product division. Still, in a statement, HP said it remained  committed to WebOS and would continue to offer customer support.

Users in the UK are still finding their devices cracking for no reason at all, around the headphone jack. At first HP didn’t want to know, asking one reader if it was a scratch. HP was pretty certain it was a scratch – it wasn’t.

It’s no surprise that HP staffers at Mobile World Congress 2010 denied guests at the HP Pavillion from putting their paws on the sensitive device.  

Despite maintaining a silence on an obvious design fault here in the UK, the fact is, HP is aware of the problem.

A customer services spokesperson for the company told us today it’s a “known issue” and confirmed that it was a design flaw in the first runs of the product. HP is quietly replacing the cases and it is under warranty.

Even though there’s evidence to the contrary, HP’s communication team says the dodgy manufacturing is “not an issue in the UK” and is not offering any further comment.