Toshiba rushes to release first glasses-free 3D TV

Toshiba will have a 3D  enabled liquid display television out by the end of December, it said today, which will be the first on the market that won’t require glasses.

Toshiba will be releasing two models to its domestic Japanese market – a 12 inch telly for about $1,440 and a 20-inch for about $2,880, reports the Wall Street Journal. Masaaki Oosumi, who heads up digital, has said that the products won’t blow everyone away.

They won’t be at a “satifactory level in terms of price or screen size,” but it shows that the long term view is  “ultimately toward glasses-free.”

The announcement, at Ceatec conference in Tokyo, is a move to get the drop on the glut of 3D sets being made available – mostly requiring 3D glasses. LG meanwhile is optimistically saying that 3D won’t take off until 2011 because of the lack of content. 

The CEA is hoping to get a first draft in for a universal 3D glasses standard as early as November.

Even then, the visually impaired – particularly people with good vision only in one eye – will not be able to enjoy the limited content on their expensive sets anyway as the shutter technology in the glasses requires tricking both eyes.