Toshiba planning 40-inch glasses-free 3D TV

Toshiba has barely launched its glasses-free 3D TVs, the first on the market, but the company is already planning to release a larger model globally in its fiscal 2011.

In October Toshiba vowed to deliver a glasses-free 3D TV by the end of 2010, despite rivals saying the technology won’t be ready for years. This week Toshiba delivers on its promise with product launches in Japan.

The problem with those models is that while while they technically deliver on the promise, they come in significantly smaller sizes than the norm. A 12-inch model has just gone on sale, while a 20-inch model will hit the stores on Saturday.

Most people who fork out several hundred or thousand dollars for a TV set opt for something in the 30 to 50-inch bracket, which could make the current models unattractive for some. 

Toshiba’s listening. It will offer a glasses-free set over 40-inches in size, according to the Wall Street Journal

Toshiba is also selling standard 3D tellies that require glasses, but it’s pushing for glasses-free technology to regain market share lost to South Korean rivals like LG and Samsung, the latter of which said that it would take between five and ten years before glasses-free 3D TV would become available.

The larger TV will be formally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January and is expected to go on sale some time in Toshiba’s fiscal year 2011, which begins in April. It’s likely that the company will be aiming for a holiday season release in late November or December of 2011.