Toshiba launches X-gale SSD modules

Japanese tech conglomerate Toshiba is flaunting its newest generation of solid state drives (SSD), called the Blade X-gale series.

The drives have a capacity of 64, 128 and 256GB and Toshiba claims they can reach a maximum sequential read speed of 220MB per second with a write speed of 180MB/s. Both the 64GB and 128GB X-Gales are merely 2.2mm thin and Toshiba would like to point out these modules are 42 percent less thick than a bog standard mSATA SSD. MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) is one million hours, meaning the SSDs will outlive most products they are used for.

The company claims wiring layouts have been optimised, whilst its oh-so wonderful base design tech has minimised board warpage, meaning one can mount a 128GB module on each side and get a nice 256GB capacity.

This, naturally, is proclaimed to be the largest density available for small SSD modules. Customers can also have regular mSata or half-slim SSD modules with a max headroom of 128GB to shove into their note- and netbooks, tablets, playbooks, ibooks, übersized smartphones and so on.

“Up to this point, SSD designs also followed the basic design of small form factor HDD – which does not fully leverage the capabilities of high density NAND technology. Toshiba’s module-based SSDs break with this approach, giving hardware designers greater freedom and flexibility in enabling their product design,” blathered Scott Nelson, VP of Toshiba America Electronic Components memory business.