Toshiba intros terabyte 2.5-inch drive

Japanese giant Toshiba released two drives, one of which has one terabyte (TB) of capacity.

The excitingly named MK7559GSXP hard drive claims to have the industry’s highest areal density and capacity at 750GB. This model spins at 5,400 revs a minute and is a two platter design.

But Toshiba also introduced a triple platter 12.5-millimetre high drive that offers 1TB of storage and also 750GB. This is rather snappily named the MKxx59GSM – pronounce that if you can.

Toshiba explained that it’s incorporated elements from Fujitsu’s hard drive business, which it acquired last autumn. It includes advanced sector format technology – this has better error correcting code and formats a 4K byte per sector.

These drives are not yet shipping in volume, but are being sampled to system manufacturers. There’s no indication of what they will be priced when they ship in volume in the second and third quarters respectively.