Tin box wizard Dell declares PC alive and kicking

Michael Dell, the man who allegedly insists on a cardboard cut-out of himself present at every Dell event, has rubbished claims from certain Apple friendly corners that the PC is dead and buried.

Nonsense, he told the Financial Times, in fact. The PC is alive and kicking and Dell isn’t going to chuck out its personal systems group like HP’s Action Man Apotheker did. Rather than sticking up for the humble tin box, he said it’s an economy of scale. “It goes from one of the top buyers in the world of disk drives and processors and memory chips to not being one of the top five, and that raises the cost of making servers and storage products.”

So, then, Dell is committed to the PC, just like everyone else will say until the end of time. But they’re right, to a point. The problem is other than flinging cartoon birds at piles of pork, surfing the web and watching films, the tablet is – essentially – crap for most work. 

One senior employee at a public body that was considering introducing tablets into the work place told us, after buying an iPad 2, that he loves it – but it’s “s*** for work”.

It’s almost as if there is some sort of fad.

What people are forgetting, Dell implies, is that there is a heavy hunger for computers specifically in the emerging markets. You can read the FT article here