Thumb-drive maker comes up with another brilliant idea

Singapore inventor Henn Tan who invented the USB flash drive that killed off the floppy disk has come up with another brilliant idea.

Tan, who holds the patent for the compact data storage device in over 30 markets and the global trademark for the ThumbDrive brand has invented the FluCard.

This is a small storage device that can also transmit data wirelessly. He told AP that many thought the ThumbDrive was a one-hit wonder. However, he thinks that the FluCard will be even bigger.

Tan didn’t make as much as he should have for inventing the thumb drive. He said he made a mistake by going it alone instead of partnering with an established player in 2000. This allowed rivals to get big slices of the USB-based data storage market.

This time around, he has teamed up with Japan’s Toshiba to promote the FluCard and ensure its patent is protected globally.

He called it a flu card because it was “contagious and easy to recall”…”You go to Afghanistan, you say flu, and they understand.”

In our view this is not the best name. By that logic the Bubonic Plague card would be just as good. If you are going for illnesses, a Herpes card would be better, you get a few minutes of pleasure, it is easy to pick something up and it lasts forever. Of course you have to plug in to get it so it is probably not that greatas a name  for a wireless card.

Tan said his company and Toshiba, now the second largest shareholder in Trek 2000 International after him, formed a consortium of camera makers to adopt the FluCard as the industry standard.

The card is shaped exactly like the Secure Digital (SD) memory cards and is embedded with wi-fi to transmit data to other wireless-enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablet computers.

If you have hardware embedded with Wi-Fi, you can download anything from the FluCard.