Thousands queue to make Apple gear

You would think that with all the bad publicity Foxconn has been getting about its working conditions, it might have a few problems finding workers for its plants.

Apparently not. According to Chinese website Mic Gadget, Foxconn wants to increase its workforce in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou and despite the stories of suicides, explosions, over zealous security guards and roof top protests over broken promises, people are still interested in working there.

The site shows thousands of aspirants are lining up for jobs in Foxconn “not a sweatshop” style factories. They all lined up outside a labour office in Zhengzhou, the largest city of Henan province in North central China.

It is possible that they got the message all wrong and they thought they were fanboys queuing up to buy an iPhone 4S, but this is unlikely as some of them had job applications in their hands.

Foxconn, whose CEO famously said that he needed to take tips on managing his staff from the local zoo, wants to hire an additional 100,000 employees as it is aiming at augmenting its iPhone production.

According to advertisements the pay package at Foxconn starts at $261 and it is likely to reach somewhere around $379 after an appraisal. The company is also providing food and lodging facilities.