The news in reviews – another hardware roundup

Razer, the gaming accessory maker, has branched out into gaming laptops, bringing forth the Razer Blade 17.3-inch notebook. Not being a notebook specialist, it has accomplished a great deal, with Anandtech going to the point of calling it the Windows answer to a 17-inch MacBook Pro. Slim, powerful but pricey, though. It goes to show that the powerful notebook makers really need to roll up their sleeves and get with the program.

Asus uses its Direct Copper II cooling systems on Guru 3D to eke out all the performance it can of an already massively performing Radeon HD 7970. This huge tri-slot card will fulfil your graphics cravings, for sure, but be ready to drop a pretty penny.

Tom’s Hardware has updated its “Best graphics for the money” feature for March. You can find there what the best product is for every pocket, from the sub-$100 category to the gargantuan $400 plus. The update includes the newly-releases Pitcairns and Cape Verde aka HD 7800 and HD 7700 series graphic chips.

Hardware Canucks is having a long hard look at forthcoming Asus Z77-based motherboards. It’s a full lineup of enthusiast kit, Republic of Gamers inclusive. You can expect some good things coming out of the Asus design shop.

Shortly after your traditional reference design graphics card reaches the market, add-in board partners are sure to start churning out their unique take on the original récipe. Hardware Heaven has reviewed the Sapphire HD 7970 OverClock Edition Dual-X graphics card. The dual-fan behemoth is very silent and a huge improvement over the reference design.

Coinciding with Marvell’s announcement of a new SSD controller, Xbit Labs has thrown together a review of several Marvell-based SSDs. Crucial, Corsair and Plextor fight it out against some SandForce units. It’s quite interesting to see that Marvell’s server experience passes on down the food chain.

Expreview has its first-hand look at Nvidia’s GTX 560 SE. It’s an OEM product that’s cut from the same block as the GF114, like the GTX 460. However, it performs a lot worse than a 1GB GTX 460, and no one will mourn its passing when the time comes.

The Sapphire Edge HD3 is a mini-PC based on AMD’s Brazos E-450 CPU. It’s a tiny little thing that SilentPCReview thought of reviewing. The Edge HD3 packs 4GB of DDR3, a 320GB HDD, Gigabit ethernet, 802.11n wireless, front USB 3.0 ports to expand storage, HDMI and above all… FreeDOS.

TrustedReviews got its hands on some serious business with the HP Folio 13 Ultrabook. Folios aren’t new-new to the market, but the Ultrabook classification says it looks and feels more and more like a MacBook than anything else. It carries a full assortment of audio and video features, plus the still odd Wi-Di connection. Since this is a business kit, it also comes with Intel’s Trusted Platform Module 1.2.