Texas Instruments announces SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transceiver

Texas Instruments today announced its discrete SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transceiver, which it is touting as an industry first.

The new transceiver will offer more than 10 times the speed of USB 2.0 and double the receiver sensitivity required by the USB 3.0 specification, allowing added detection of weak signals below 50mV.

The transceiver is called TUSB1310 and employs the PIPE3 and ULPI interfaces, which allow for USB 3.0 to be used with integrated application processor digital cores. It has a speed of 5GB/s and its external reference clock allows frequencies of 20MHz, 25MHz, 30MHz, and 40MHz. 

Texas Instruments is claiming that the integrated spread-spectrum clock can reduce BOM cost by five percent or more.

The TUSB1310 can be used with surveillance cameras, multimedia handsets, smartphones, digital cameras, portable media players, personal navigation devices, audio docks, video IP phones, and wireless IP phones.

“End users are demanding the ability to store huge photo and high-definition video files on their portable  devices with ease and speed,” said Steve Anderson, at TI. “The TUSB1310 is capable of completing data transfers of a 27 Gigabit Blu-ray disc in less than 90 seconds, versus nearly 15 minutes with USB 2.0. Using TI’s complete SuperSpeed USB portfolio, engineers can design faster, more cost-effective and user-friendly consumer products for today and in the future.”

The TUSB1310 is available packaged in a 175BGA for the wholesale price of $6.00 per unit in 1,000-unit quantities.