TechEye blasts Rasputin-esque ioSafe Rugged Portable with shotgun

Today we braved the roads away from the LVCC, past the strip malls and into a place called American Shooters where we saluted that American Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. 

We don’t have many guns in the United Kingdom. The only people who do are farmers, gangsters or the extravagant suicidal. Here in Nevada, they have lots of guns, and we managed to lay our hands on a Remington 12-gauge shotgun. And we were acting out the personal fantasies of every frustrated IT manager past, present or future – because we were shooting at hard drives. 

ioSafe famously has a range of highly rugged hard drives, flood proof, fire proof, and apparently, shotgun proof. Last year they rolled over the Solo SSD with an enormous excavator and, yes, it survived. Today, the brand new ioSafe Rugged Portable took five in the face from the shotgun and it was still able to pull up all of our data. 

Robb Moore, CEO, tells us that a large number of supposedly rugged hard drives are built with durability as an after-thought, a bonus to a regular product and that’s why they’re cheaper. ioSafe’s products are built from the ground up designed specifically to take a beating, and while the Rugged Portable isn’t made for taking bullets it happily took a bunch of blasts. Unfortunately an army-issue M16 tore it apart. 

The sales director tells us he knew Robb years ago and tried to get him on board to sell the first rugged hard drive – for $3,000 – and of course, that didnt work. But these things are going to be available soon for a fraction, the cheapest model will be about $150 and you’ll get 250GB for that. You’ll pay in about fifty dollar increments all the way up to terabytes. We’re not sure who the reseller for this particular product will be, but it’ll probably turn out to be

While the price point looks high on first glance, consider the value of what you keep on your hard drive, says Moore. It’s not fire proof because that’d be too heavy for a portable and will “last as long on fire as you will,” Moore tells us. It was fine submerged in water and it was fine clamped tight in a vice – a competitor’s rugged drive soundeed like a bag of wet sand after just a turn. 

So here’s the process.

Robb sticks the files on the computer:

We pick up these:

Peppered with shotgun pellets. Notice the blue light, always a good sign unless it’s a Windows screen:

It works! That’s TechEye’s own Adonis correspondent flailing with his arms. Moore liked that photo so much he pulled it up each time – so the BBC’s footage may just well have TechEye’s half-arsed quiff creep in. 

M-16 kills it, at last. It’s like a mini, sleek Rasputin in a dress – it seriously just kept on going.

The Wall Street Journal’s Lauren Goode and Jeff Bush have a great video of yesterday’s demo – check it out.

ioSafe, we salute you and your appetite for wanton destruction!