Tech entrepreneur ordered off bus on way to silicon roundabout

Seems some of London’s bus drivers don’t agree with BoJo and the Coalition’s plans to bring  IT entrepreneurs to East London. 

Getting on the number 21 from Mildmay Park Road towards Old Street roundabout, founder of tech start-up Squadify was carrying a computer chassis under his arm. The driver told him he couldn’t bring it on board. And if he wanted to know why, he’d call the police and they would tell him.

As far as we are aware Transport For London has no policy against bringing computers onto buses. We invite Boris Johnson to comment!

Casey since tried getting on four other buses with his computer. It was fine. Here he is:

Blimey – TFL will be introducing full body scanners and enforced intrusive pat downs next. 

A Transport for London spokesperson told TechEye:

“TfL does not have a specific policy that prohibits computer equipment from being carried onboard a bus. We do have guidance for bus drivers about particularly bulky items that may potentially inconvenience or injure other passengers.

“We expect the highest professional standards from bus drivers in London and will investigate the circumstances of this incident with the relevant bus operating company.”

We wonder if Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, would be allowed on a number 21 bus holding the model double decker bus he’s carrying in the main picture above. That picture is courtesy of WikiCommunists.

Inset photo courtesy of Mike Marcus