Taiwanese vendors left with mountain of HP TouchPad components

HP’s sudden decision to dump the TouchPad has left many of its Taiwanese manufacturers in the lurch, according to Digitimes.

The wire said that the manufacturers built up supplies in readiness for a seven inch version of the TouchPad, but now they just don’t know what to do with themselves.

There’s enough components to build 100,000 seven inch TouchPads, the report said and were going to start building them at the end of third quarter, but now they’re keeping on waiting.

While the local branch of HP, the report said, wanted to find a way to keep the suppliers happy, a decision is awaited from Cupertino before the matter can be resolved.

Until then, Digitimes said, companies like Inventec are maintaining their relationship with HP. Inventec, for example, builds notebooks and servers that come with the HP brand.