Taiwanese panic over HP's stupid PC move

Corporations eager to spend money refreshing their enterprise PC range have been thrown into a tizz by the CEO of HP foolishly saying he’d spin off the company’s PC unit. Maybe.

But it’s not just the corporate world that has been shocked by Leo Apotheker’s pre-emptive decision.

Over in Taiwan, the move has got all sorts of contract manufacturers in a spin, too.

According to the Taiwan Economic News, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is creating vast spreadsheets calculating what effect an HP spin off of PCs would have on its own original design manufacturers (ODMs).

They are panicking whether a Korean company, such as the mighty chaebol Samsung, might snap up the HP PC business.

The Ministry is also concerned about whether or not HP’s commitment to build an R&D centre in Old Taipei might come to nothing, too.

According to the Taiwan Economic News, here, HP selling off its PC division would have a worse effect than IBM selling its PC division to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.

The difference between HP and IBM, however, is that Big Blue sold it off without a mighty pre-announcement that has introduced fear, uncertainty and doubt into both the supply chain and to HP’s corporate customers.

SAPman strikes again.