Taiwanese marketing managers push for Booth Brutes at show

Computer marketing managers in Taiwan are furious that opportunities are being denied to them as they seek to recruit so called “Booth Brutes” rather than the “Booth Babes” that currently attract so much attention.

“Booth Babes” attract a lot of attention at Computex with dozens, sometimes hudreds,  of men snapping away at the scantily clad lasses.  But that’s denying the flocks of women who attend Computex a chance to see scantily clad Booth Brutes and take pictures they can leer over later in the day.

Speaking under conditions of confidentiality today, one manager said: “I’d like to have Booth Brutes on my stand as well as Booth Babes”. She said: “The problem is the Brutes typically cost three times as much to hire as the Babes”.  

She said: “I don’t understand why men get paid three times more than women”.

Booth Babe