Taiwan suppliers will start shipping Microsoft's Project Natal in August

Microsoft’s famed, lauded and much-hyped Project Natal will start seeing its devices shipped by Foxconn Electronics and Flextronics International in August, with mass shipments expected to commence early 2011, according to DigiTimes

Industry bods in Taiwan reckon that the boosted demand for the Xbox 360 that Natal will bring will heavily benefit suppliers, such as Lite-On Technology, Jentech Precision Industrial and lens supplier Newmax Technology.

The motion sensing Xbox 360 add-on, which is being talked about in gaming circles more than the World Cup, Coronation Street and Britain’s Got Talent combined, will be available for pre-order on UK retailer GAME’s website on the 13th June, reports Pocket Lint. It’s thought that the kit could fetch as much as $149 (£103) for the camera by itself, while a bundle with the console is likely to have a pricetag of $299 (£206). 

It was revealed last month by a Microsoft marketing top dog that Natal should arrive to the consumer in October 2010. While Foxconn won’t comment on its shipping orders, the Microsoft leaked release date is in line with the Taiwan shipping forecasts. There will be confirmation, plus other Natal news, at this year’s E3 which begins this coming Monday 14th June. 

Sony’s effort, the Playstation Move, is also set for release later this year.