Tablets march toward world domination

Tablets have started usurping the PC market, constantly cloning their ceaseless legion.

According to market hindsight prophet International Data Corporation (IDC), 10.1 million tablets donned their boots and raised their flags to goosestep into consumer’s bags and rucksacks in the last quarter of 2010, more than twice as the many that bravely paved the way just one year earlier.

Apple the Foul’s market share dwindled from 93 to 73 percent year over year, making the Jobs’ holy priests feel their god-emperor’s wrath in the inner sanctum of the temple, who commanded them to intensify their effort and come up with a new, improved clone trooper.

Champion of the Green Androids, Samsung, grabbed 17 percent of the universe with its Galaxy Tab, while the remaining ten percent was conquered and held by regional, auxiliary tablet forces.

As for the pacifist e-book readers, six million disembarked from cargo bays in the last three months of 2010, an increase of over 325 percent from 2009.

In total, around 18 million media tablets and 12 million e-book readers swamped into this part of the universe during 2010. IDC sees the danger of 50 million media tablets marching into areas already colonised by the great Wintel Empire and rebel alliances, while continuing internal, tribal warfare between iOS and Android factions. Reports also indicate a minority tribal group called the Meegos will be looking for asylum.

TechEye has been on the front lines of conflict and can indeed corroborate reports of a growing influx of tablets into systems held by a once great empire.

IDC sees tablets with colour displays between 5″ and 14″ as media tablets, as long as they are running a “lightweight operating system such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS”, based on X86 or ARM processors. Tablets belonging to the Wintel Alliance are regarded as PC tablets.

It is expected the sinister Cult of thee Apple, symbolised by an Apple marking the fall from grace, will manage to retain the upperhand and defend 70 to 80 percent of its territory. More agile, smaller 7″ Green Android fighters however may end up swarming in on the cult in hit and run operations. Collateral damage can be expected, leading the Wintel Empire and rebel alliances to strike back.