Supermodel in trouble for iPad smuggling

Supermodel Bar Refaeli  has found herself in hot water after trying to illegally bring an iPad into her native Israel.

Refaeli, who was Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition cover girl, model and will be shooting for MTV’s revival of House of Style, apparently took a shine to one of Jobs’ Mob’s toys while she was abroad.

She brought the iPad through Tel Aviv’s international airport without declaring it at customs. Items brought into Israel worth more than around $200 are subject to duties and there is a bit of history between Israeli customs and Jobs’ Mob.

The Israeli customs banned all iPads from Israel because they did not have the same wi-fi standards as the rest of the world. Later they backed down after some Israeli politicians told them to let them through. The ban was lifted two weeks ago, but it seems that customs are still looking out for the gizmo. After all they would never just want to stop a supermodel for a chat, it had to be iPad related.

Refaeli told Israel’s Channel 10 TV that she had an iPad in a suitcase that was lost in transit and she didn’t declare it because she was only popping into the Holy Land to do a commercial.

She is now required to pay 650 shekels in taxes and fines to get her iPad back.  Not much.  but given what she paid to buy the thing in the first place it is a bit annoying.