SuperMicro shouts about CAD factory

Super Micro is debuting its SuperWorkstation kit in the gambler’s Disneyland of Lost Wages.

Super Micro says the server grade systems have been made in mind to give professionals easy maintenance on tool-less designs, along with swappable space for HDDs or SSDs, as well as optical drives and cooling.

Spokesperson Don Clegg said the SuperWorkstations offer a very wide array of CPUs and GPUs, powered by the company’s very own high efficiency power supplies. Plus they’re quiet which.

Among Supermicro’s kit will be the catchy-named Ultra High Performance 4 GPU SuperWorkstation SS7046TG-TRF. Better right that oen down. This machine really shows off, Supermicro says, the iray renderer in Autodesk 3ds Max 2012. It’ll feature up to 192GB of memory and runs on Nvidia Quadro 6000, as well as three Tesla C2075s, which all helps with designing pretty 3D art and more. Intel’s inside, with dual Xeon E5600/5500 CPUs. 

On the other end of the spectum, SuperMicro also has an entry level SuperWorkstation with the similarly catchy SW5037A-T. It’s got Sandy Bridge i3, i5 and i7 support along with a Quadro CPU.

The SW5037A-T is a cheaper option for lighter workloads but still rather good, says SuperMicro, for AutoCAD users.

You can buy SuperMicro’s hardware all over the world, but you’d better check with them first on their website, here