Stick a Fabergé egg into your PC

It’s kind of hard to make flash drives exciting, but Tarón Chang, president of Walton Chaintech, sure is making a fist of it.

We met the man when we were in Taipei last week and he cuts an impressive figure in his office, kitted out with Samurai swords and the like.

Chaintech, once known very well for its motherboards and its graphics cards, now has a diversified portfolio that will soon include DVD drives, and other peripherals, Taron told us.

The company is doing well in Brazil and Russia and our attention was caught by some USB drives it is making.

Fabergé eggs and Greek Orthodox crosses, all branded for the Russian market. They are very very different.

Walton Chaintech is branding these products under the name of Apogee. Apogee is the highest point in the sky. As the Merriam-Webster big dick puts it, Aegean civilizion reached its apogee in Crete.

You know, I think Walton Chaintech, part of a much bigger grouping of companies, is going to do rather well. Tarón cuts quite an impressive figure.