Steve Jobs exaggerated Android's Tablet power

Steve Jobs seems to have done more to exaggerate the power of Android than anyone else.

While showing off his latest keyboardless netbook, the iPad 2 last month, Apple Cargo-Cult high priest Steve Jobs described the competitive market for tablet apps on Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb as having “at most 100 apps.”

Of course, to Jobs’, who has more apps than you can poke a stick at, 100 apps is a joke. After all he has 65,000 apps for the iPad.

However it seems that even with 100 apps, Jobs was seriously talking up his competition.

Apple Insider did a review of Google’s Android Marketplace tablet offerings “featured for tablets” depicts just 50 apps.

However most most are unconverted and offer no significant advantages on a tablet other than a larger screen.

So the number of apps that either require Android 3.0 or have a user interface “specifically designed for a tablet is only 17.

Of course what Apple Insider failed to mention was that Android 3 has only been out five minutes and the iPad has been out for more than a year.